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Primus Legacy: 1.3

So, last time...
- Belen and Beatrys grew up
- Cory cheated on Audie
- Audie married Todd

So, let's get onto what you really want: the pictures!

Here's Belen. She's a Family sim. I'm desperate for her to max out her cooking skills so at least one person in the family can be a good cook. Here she is, learning how to make food that's even better than Sparkly Fish!

And here's Beatrys. She's a Popularity sim. And she's weird. Look how excited she gets about rain!

The girls share a love of the Bubble Blower That Probably Contains Drugs: they rush there the moment they get home from school, and blow bubbles until I tell them to actually go and do some damn work!

But when they're not getting high, they're very studious - and far more responsible than their Pleasure sim mum and Romance sim stepdad. Beatrys serves food for the whole family...

While Audie gets a new hairstyle and another fashion accessory - a bump!

Honestly, Audie. Your daughters cook for you, all you have to do is eat the damn thing!

Uh-oh. Audie's heading towards the living room, looking mighty big!

Is she going to...?

Oh yeah, Todd. Time to be proud! I love how he's all like, "Yeah, look what MY sperm did! That's MY baby!"

But you should never leave a teenager completely unsupervised. Because while her mum's giving birth in the kitchen, Belen is lovin' it up with Brady Johnson.

I'd be mad at her for missing the birth, but honestly, they're so cute that I don't care. And besides, Audie's not even going to notice.

It's a boy. Welcome to the world, baby Bevan.



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