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Apartment Life

Is installed. I'm just waiting for some of my must-have hacks to be updated before I get started on a new project, which is a (modified) combination of a legacy challenge and an asylum challenge.

Free Time

I love the new Free Time outfits.

I've not had very much free time (oh, haha!) in the past few months though, so my playing has been at an all-time low. Sigh. I do, however, have a load of pictures saved up to post. Belen and Beatrys are both adults now.


Primus Legacy: 1.2

Primus Legacy: 1.1

Audie found herself a man...

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Primus Legacy: Introduction

Introducing Audie Primus:

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And we'll see more about Audie soon...


So what is this thing, this towthedollhouse?
This is basically going to be my place to post my Sims 2 (and possibly Sims 1, although I rarely play that nowadays) ramblings, pictures, and new attempt at the Legacy Challenge, which will be starting on Monday.

Why the title?
It's the title of a Friends episode, and well, what are the Sims games but very complex dolls' houses?

Why bother?
I'm hoping that with a journal like this, I'll actually play in a slightly more focussed way rather than playing a family for a day, getting bored and then deleting them.

So... wish me luck!